Translation of "Die geniale Bewegungskraft", 1961, page 26 and 27.

Author:  Viktor Schauberger

It is well known that the Nile overflows its shores periodi­cally, floods the soil around it and leaves behind a layer of mud, that leads to a rich crop. The English believe, they can copy this Nile-miracle with ease. They built enormous dams and led the water of the Nile over the fields. The wanted result did not occur, although now too mud stayed behind.

The reasons for this well known misresult can be found in the following errings or faults:

1. the Nile does not flood its shores because its source

provides more water, but because of a water-growing process along its course, originated by certain metabo­lic proces­ses.

2. these floodings occur at certain intervals/seasons

3. The water is not slowed down during this periods, but accelerated due to an inner movement, thereby obeying natural influences. The water, turning around its own axis, gets vaulted. Therefore, right and left of the center of the current, wavy precipitations of certain,

very special sediments occur, perpendicular to the longitudi­nal axis. These sediment are available and

present in the water only in certain periods, and can be solved by the water under certain preconditions only.

Here, natural processes are involved.

It has certain similarity with the aforementioned "Tonsingen"

(clay-singing), for the spring-water, of wich is said, the hairs grow better, contains strong metal components. This time of the season they flow near the surface. The water has such strong inner tensions, the water vaults even right and left of the central current.

When such water is being held in reservoirs, strong discharges occur on the surface, whereby the metal-values diminish (descend, translated litterally). The empty water, led through ducts, carries mud, sediment without the valua­ble metal-content onto the fields. Therefore the all-important layer-of-

indifference cannot build up: the expensive irrigation-works cannot meet their purpose.

Such works can in some cases even have a harmful effect. A sup­ply of allotrope oxygens furthers processes of decay and build-up of gases. The groundwater-table sinks, and a general decline in quality results.

The supply of so-called stone-dust-fertilizer cannot improve this situation, because of the purely mechanical grinding process used for its production. The necessary dosing cannot be met. Above this, the beneficial energies get lost through the friction in the mill. Nature grinds its sediment mechanically for the smallest part only. For the greatest part this is done through bio-chemical soluting processes with help af an animalic energy. This form of energy does not affect the water substance, as it does in electrolysis, but solves the smallest floating substances found in every air or water. An organical cooling-effect occurs by transformation of gases into energy, and with that a binding and homogenizing.

This process in a future time will become highly impor­tant in the production of fuel (hydrocarbons). It is possible to solve coal in water with the help of certain catalyzing substances, and binding the energy freed in the process, back in the water again. A substance comes into existence, unknown unto this day, that does not burn, but which explodes, when this water has been atomized and its spray mixed with a bit atmosferic oxigen, under the light pressure of a piston.

This substance in a certain connection is like the holy, or greek fire, with which sacrificing animals were sprinkled, catching fire when only the sun shone on it.

Totally unknown forces are concerned here, that lead to formation of all products of growth, or/and to the natural force of movement.

A nice example is presented by circular storms, known in tropical regions. These build up when thrusts of animalic energy occur from the earth into the atmosphere. It comes to a binding of atmospheric oxigen and in secundary result to the formation of a vertical hose of vacuum, that sucks up everyt­hing with elementary force.

Horizontal winds also base on such binding processes, which man cannot explain today, for lack of knowledge of this sort of oxidizing processes.

As with these metabolic processes, water also is created, these high-tensional hydrolytic processes can be used for artificial water production as wel as for the artificial producti­on of elementary forces. Not only agriculture, but also the whole of the energy sector will be subjected to gross changes.

Nature only knows upward, or backward movement.

The first occurs, when the transformation of the smallest particles (atoms) occurs under cold oxidizing processes.

The latter occurs, when through warm, and thus false metabo­lic processes, the out-falling oxigen becomes aggressive through heat. The oxygen then binds the substance of resurrection, that is the produce of the fermentation of the eartly remains of former life-forms, concentrated in the form of gases.

We can see that in a standing spring-water getting warm, wherein the animalic energies appear as bubbles of carbon dioxide. After they disappeared, the water tastes slack an in the end will rot.

The predominance of this process of disintegrative rotting, or decay, that also has its place in the soil natu­rally, is the cause of the decline in soil-goodness we expe­rience today, because the tension cannot be held upright for lack of approp­riate surface-partition.

Above that, basic substances must ennoble in the course of the upbuilding of value-rising energies, instead of decaying through the wrong processes.